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About Us

While Creative pH was established in the Spring of 2001, our roots actually go back 12yrs further through a variety of commercial design studios covering advertising, publishing and websites. This wide ranging knowledge allows us to develop creative solutions for clients that will work far more for them than just as a one-off.

Our design services cover Brand Identity, Sales & Marketing literature, Advertising, Point of Sale/ Packaging and Websites. But we understand that in many instances the project doesn't just end with the design... don't worry, we won't leave you out in the cold. Whether your Brand Identity needs to be printed across a suite of business stationery, your exhibition stand needs to be built on site, or your website requires hosting and domain services, Creative pH can help. We can work comfortably with your existing service providers or assist with arranging them for you.

We pride ourselves on providing all our clients, from the sole trader to the national corporation, the same level of helpful, professional service that goes into establishing lasting business relationships.

Hopefully the small selection of work on view here will whet your appetite. Feel free to contact us if you have a creative project you would like to discuss.



Creative pH has had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects covering a variety of media types. From a single logo for a start-up company to a complex database-driven website, we like to think that we can provide clients with a solution that fits both their requirements and budget. To help give you a feel for what we can do we have featured below just a selection of the projects completed for clients across a range of categories.

cocoa boutique logo


Cocoa Boutique

Producing hand-made chocolates from high quality ingredients, the client requested a very classic/art deco style of logo that would provide her business with a very refined look.

metrik logo



The client requested a modern style of logo with impact that could work for both the corporate branding and for their various divisions.

massage u logo


Massage U

A clean and simple logo was requested for this masseuse that would easily illustrate his business and feel inviting to potential clients.

azesha.com logo



This online jewellery store wanted to refresh their look with a logo that reflected their business.

Quench logo



A whole new company name and brand was the order of the day for this vending machine supplier who wanted to update their business. At the time, the recent launch of the '.me.uk' domains provided a very memorable solution for them.

Platignum No9 Promotional Leaflet


Promotional Leaflet

For the launch of a new, premium quality pen range, the sales team at Platignum required a very smart, clean looking leaflet to help them promote the product within a highly competitive market. The use of large close-up professional photography highlight the accents of the pen's design.

Pricelist pack for Bespoke Beauty Clinic


Price List Pack

This Beauty Clinic is spread across three floors of a victorian building and decorated in a sympathetic style. They requested a handy pricelist pack for clients that reflected the look and feel of the salon.

Desktop Calendar for Murcom


Desktop Calendar

To help with their brand awareness throughout the year, Murcom Office Products requested a CD-sized desktop calendar that could be mailed out to it's existing and future client base. This corporate-styled layout displays interesting imagery throughout, all sourced via a cost-effective online stock library, as well as useful reminders about the types of product available through Murcom.

Swordfish 2013 Product Catalogue


Product Catalogue (40pgs)

For the fifth year in succession, Swordfish commissioned Creative pH to produce their annual product catalogue. As well as a clear, easy to navigate layout, there was a need to create a library of product feature icons to help guide the reader quickly to the most appropriate product for their needs.

GoDECT advertisement for Lazerbuilt


GoDECT - Lazerbuilt

'ATTENTION GRABBING' was the aim of this creative to help kick start product awareness of this new cordless headset aimed at the office environment. As the visual content for the advert was quite unique it required photo direction with a professional photographer and model.

Snopake Guarantee Brand Advertising


Snopake Guarantee Brand Campaign

A trio of teasers leading to a full page advertisement helped to inform readers of a new 3-tiered product guarantee program. Developed by Snopake, the aim is to help consumers choose the right product for the right purpose/environment.

Bespoke Advertising



Often the idea and layout for the creative can stem from the imagery available to you. As is seen in these examples, not only does the relaxing image portray the message this Beauty Spa wishes to get across to readers, but it also provides the layout for the information itself.

Simply Office Advertising


Simply Office

This 'colourful' office products network wished to illustrate to customers how their range of services could combine to provide them with an all-in-one business solution.

Cocoa Boutique advertisement


Cocoa Boutique

A sophistcated execution, assisted by stylish, professional photography supplied by the client themselves helped emphasize the luxury of their hand-made products.

LaproSurge Exhibition Display Stand


LaproSurge Display Stand

A striking display stand, which would be used as a backdrop at various events, was requested to help promote a range of surgical instruments. The use of a bright colour palette helps to draw attention to them.

Platignum No9 Counter Display Units


Platignum No9 Counter Display Units and Packaging

Keeping in line with the style created for it's promotional material, a range of complimentary counter top display units and packaging solutions was developed.

Lifestyle Mortgages Banner Stands


Lifestyle Mortgages Banner Stands

To help support them at a number of exhibitions and shows, Lifestyle Mortgages required a suite of banner stands designed to promote their range of services. They were keen to get the messages across with the minimal amount of text.

Swordfish Product Packaging


Swordfish Product Packaging

A variety of office product categories have required packaging with a consistent style that promotes the important USPs cleanly and clearly.

Click here to view screen grabs of the XPD website



Operating in a number of business sectors, XPD desired a modern looking site that illustrated the full depth of it's interests. Integrating their existing Twitter, Blog and Video feeds, a content management system (CMS) was built alongside so that they could administrate this extensive website.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Lazerbuilt website



As designers and creators of fashion and licensed accessories for digital technology focused primarily on the B2B market, Lazerbuilt were looking for a clean and product focused website. A content management system (CMS) was required so that they could quickly update their ever changing product line-up into a number of different categories along with a search feature. For consistency, their product design agency worked up the individual brand pages which we then converted into the working pages.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Sue Gilbert website


Sue Gilbert

This garden designer required a fresh looking site that could grow with her business. To aid this, a content management system (CMS) was built alongside so that they could add and edit their own projects and testimonials to keep it looking fresh.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Crane & Staples website


Crane & Staples

Working in tandem with a marketing agency, this re-development of the client's website needed to reflect the growth of their business in an informative yet approachable manner. As the company and it's marketing initiatives were evolving quickly, a CMS needed to be developed so that they could keep their clients up-to-date on their latest news and services as well as any personnel changes.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Woodway website



To run in conjunction with their ecommerce website, Woodway required a 'corporate' website with which they could front their online presence and provide customers with detailed information about their products and services. A CMS was also built to enable the client to update news stories of interest as well and make any changes to the information pages. For consistency, the framework of this site was 'skinned' onto their ecommerce website.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Quench website



Having built their original website, Quench commissioned Creative pH for the redesign and rebuild. To assist with their increasing marketing activities, their new site needed to act mainly as a product brochure providing plenty of information and images of each product, with a modern look and feel that would help them compete well in the marketplace.


Click here to view screen grabs of the Snopake Bio2 website


Snopake Bio2

A bright and fresh looking website was required to help promote and reflect a new environmentally friendly range of office products. Minimal elements of animation and audio are used to keep things interesting. Creative pH have had the pleasure of being involved with the Bio2 brand from the start, creating among other things the logo, product inserts and packaging, marketing material and advertising.


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